Rising Star- Employee Recognition Program

ENCOR Employee Recognition Program

ENCOR has created the Rising Star Award program to recognize the extraordinary contributions of staff and their integral role on ENCOR’s mission.  Any person employed with ENCOR, provided they are not on probation, may be nominated for recognition.  By nominating someone you are giving him/her special acknowledgement for his/her contributions and exemplary work.  Each area has a rising star committee who reviews the nominations for each quarter.  Names are removed before the review takes place and the committee chooses the most deserving nomination.  Winners will be posted after announced at the end of each quarter.


1st Quarter Rising Stars


 North Area:  Nikita Grimes -Nominated by David Wallace and Tammy Johnson


 Central Admin/ESS Area:  Jennifer Barr-Hill -Nominated by Pixie Meier and Dani Streeter


Dodge/Washington Area:  Darbie Donner-Johnson -Nominated by Deb Kruger


Cass/Sarpy Area:  Amber Masters, Facility Supervisor -Nominated by Linda Butler


 Central Douglas Area:  Katie Ostdiek


 South Area:  Jill Coit, DSP- nominated by her supervisor Ashley Haes



2nd Quarter


North Area:  Kenny Glenn Stewart, Home Teacher and David Stewart, Relief Provider


Central Admin/ESS Area:  Ashley Bishop, DSP -Nominated by Pixie Meier


Dodge/Washington Area:  Coltyn Vazguez, Voc Program Manager -Nominated by Deb Schurevich


Cass/Sarpy Area:  Reanna Limley, DSP -Nominated by Nicole Pullen


Central Douglas Area:  Bettie King


South Area:  Jaci Marx, Weekday Associate -Nominated by her supervisor Kathy Burrow


3rd Quarter


North Area: Flor Alnazar, DSP-Nominated by Rick Hensley


Central Office Admin/ ESS Area:  Dani Streeter, In-home Coordinator


Dodge/Washington Area:  Tiffany King, Kim Welch, Barb Limbach, Deb Schurevich, Alicia Blankenship, Catherine Manning, Cristi Cone, and Mary Johanek, All Residential Managers -Nominated by Joan Wilcox, Residential Coordinator


Cass/Sarpy Area:  Audrey Pecha, Karen Sharman, Clydie Nelson  and Mia Wilcoxson


Central Area: Lisa Felix, DSP -Nominated by Conrad Widener and Andrell Summage


South Area:  Steve Hoffart, DSP -Nominated by Voc Coordinator Niki Hulstine

North Area: Cece Reed

ESS/Admin: Brenda Starks

Cass/Sarpy: Gina Nuno-Bolter

Central Area: Ashly Funes

South Area: Cherita Harris

ENCOR Rising Star Nomination Form

Forms may be printed and routed to the Area Director for the area in which the nominated person works.

Get to know your Rising Stars

Get to know your Rising Stars is an optional, fun questionnaire to get to know the winners!!

Please send winners names, questionnaire, pictures or any other information to share here about the winners to Sara Hampton at shampton@enhsa.us.