Vocational Support

Assisted Day Services

ENCOR offers day settings that provide activities to develop skills based on strengths, desires and preferences of the person.  Certain settings provide opportunities to complete simple assembly, packaging or wood products for local businesses.  Each person is paid wages based on individual productivity and in conjunction with prevailing industry wages.  These services are located in Omaha, Fremont, Bellevue, and Blair.


A Workstation-In-Industry provides supports to people who work on-site in a business setting.  ENCOR staff is always present to provide support on the quality and quantity of work.  A written agreement is made with the business stipulating ENCOR will provide a stable workforce, training, supervision, payroll administration,  workman’s compensation and the  appropriate Department of Labor wage certificate.  The business will provide the equipment and space required for the specific job at their location.

Supported Employment

People who demonstrate a desire and ability to work independently utilize Supported Employment Services.  These services offer individually tailored, intermittent supports that provide job-specific training needed to maintain employment in a business.  Initial supports can include intensive job training which is decreased as the person becomes competent and confident in the position.  The individual is directly employed by the business and paid a wage that is consistent with that earned by other employees completing similar jobs.

Community Inclusion

Individuals have the ability to make a community impact aside from paid employment and can participate in community inclusion activities through the day service programs.  The activities include being part of the community in ways such as volunteering, participating in activities and events, and by sharing time and talents while learning certain responsibilities with the assistance of the staff.


Residential Support

Assisted Residential

These provide a home setting for persons who need supervision at all times.  People are taught a variety of skills based on individual needs in a home environment.  This type of service is also sometimes referred to as a group home.  It is the agency’s goal that the homes blend into the surrounding neighborhood with little notice.

Supported Residential

Adults who may have many of the skills necessary to live on their own choose ENCOR’s supported services.  Supervision is provided for a specified number of hours per day or week to provide assistance needed for people to develop skills necessary to live and/or work independently in the community.  Examples of services provided include: support with paying bills, grocery shopping, attending medical appointments and participating in social activities.

Home Teacher

For people needing constant supervision a home teacher option is the most natural of ENCOR residential services for out of home placement.  The person benefits by having the same living environment they would have if they were able to live in their own home.  This option is much like foster care except that the agency hires the person as a staff member.  The staff person completes an extensive training program and is accountable to the agency for specified requirements.  This option affords people with stability by providing a family atmosphere whereby the person actually becomes a part of the home teacher’s family.


Specialty Support

Medical Support Unit (MSU)

ENCOR provides short and long term medically supervised residential services for children, adolescents and adults at MSU.  Services can include respite for families who have a medical need that requires monitoring by a nurse.  Most individuals receive long term care at this location.

Registered Nurse Support

In addition to MSU, Registered Nurses are available 24 hours for telephone consultation for individuals in residential or vocational services.  The nurses provide support to people with on-going medical needs.


This service provides support to families, which enables them to keep their family member with a developmental disability at home.  Respite is important because it provides an opportunity to attend to a family crisis or “take a break” from the day to day care of their disabled family member.  Respite care is provided in an agency licensed residence or in the private home of a provider who has been trained by the agency.

Home Based

Home based services provide specialized guidance and support to the individual in their home.   Staff offer guidance and support for a specified number of hours per week until the intervention is no longer necessary.

Behavior Management

ENCOR Behavior Specialists consult with individuals and their team members in all settings where the individual is being served.  They provide ongoing assistance with assessing the communicative function of problem behavior and aide in the development of individualized positive behavior support strategies.  Behavior Specialists try to balance what is important to the individual with what is important for the individual to achieve their desired outcomes.