Assisted Day Services

ENCOR offers day settings that provide activities to develop skills based on strengths, desires and preferences of the person.  Certain settings provide opportunities to complete simple assembly, packaging or wood products for local businesses.  Each person is paid wages based on individual productivity and in conjunction with prevailing industry wages.  These services are located in Omaha, Fremont, Bellevue, and Blair.


A Workstation-In-Industry provides supports to people who work on-site in a business setting. ENCOR staff is always present to provide support on the quality and quantity of work. A written agreement is made with the business stipulating ENCOR will provide a stable workforce, training, supervision, payroll administration, workman’s compensation and the appropriate Department of Labor wage certificate. The business will provide the equipment and space required for the specific job at their location.

Supported Employment

People who demonstrate a desire and ability to work independently utilize Supported Employment Services. These services offer individually tailored, intermittent supports that provide job-specific training needed to maintain employment in a business. Initial supports can include intensive job training which is decreased as the person becomes competent and confident in the position. The individual is directly employed by the business and paid a wage that is consistent with that earned by other employees completing similar jobs.

Community Inclusion

Individuals have the ability to make a community impact aside from paid employment and can participate in community inclusion activities through the day service programs. The activities include being part of the community in ways such as volunteering, participating in activities and events, and by sharing time and talents while learning certain responsibilities with the assistance of the staff.